Dr. B.L.T. was born in Steinbach, Manitoba; raised mostly in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan; and now resides in La Mesa, in San Diego county with his artist wife, and daughter, both of whom are also recording artists.

In addition to being a rapid-fire writer of country, rock, and electronic dance music, Dr Bruce L. Thiessen, aka Dr BLT—is a psychologist who specializes in the use of music as a therapeutic intervention, and runs a group called Therapy that Rocks at a prison, which is modeled after Johnny Cash.

Dr BLT is the only psychologist to have a cameo on a top-hit MTV-Video Music-award-nominated music video, (Cake’s Short Skirt/Long Jacket).

Buck Owens once compared Dr. BLT to Johnny Cash. He’s had public compliments from Pink. His music has received a great deal of airplay on college radio, public radio, and on country syndicated broadcasts.

Dr BLT releases up to 9 CDs every few months, as well as several singles. Some of his albums include such country classics as Buck Owens Blvd to Merle Haggard Drive (Volumes 1&2); and inspirational rock CDs, like The Truth Hurts, and Everywhere by his band, Practically Poetz.  He has also released tons of Christmas and Holiday music, representing multiple genres, including, Candy Cane Lanes, a 4 CD/4 genre collection of original Christmas songs. Crust is a collection of original electronic dance and rock songs that feature his wife, Roxie T.  It will be followed up with Crumbs.

Dr BLT’s albums and singles are available on iTunes, Amazon.com, Google Play, Spotify, and multiple additional venues.